It’s time.

You might never have known this, but Sidney Crosby has never been a video game cover athlete. Incredible, I know. And, if you're wondering, the picture above is fake.

You want to know something incredible? Sidney Crosby, arguably the greatest player in hockey today, and one of the best ever already, has never been on a hockey video game cover. No, really, he hasn’t. I find this unbelievable, and now, when he’s coming back from a concussion, playing for the first time in almost a year, now is the time.

Crosby, who’s only 24, has been the face of the NHL for about half a decade, and yet, no matter how many fans of the NHL- and him- he’s gotten, he still hasn’t been on either a NHL 2K game or EA Sports’ NHL video game series.

After making his season debut and return to hockey on Monday, we realized that NHL needs Crosby much more than anything else. I don’t think anyone has that much of an impact on a team, even though the Penguins are still a great team without him, as shown last year in the playoffs where they went in without Crosby and Evgeni Malkin, probably their two best players.

Chris Ross might have said it best in his blog post, here, which I highly recommend you read.

“Sidney Crosby’s identity and life is hockey. There must have been a point in the last 11 months where he thought he might have been without the only thing he has ever known. Sure, Sidney Crosby needs hockey. However, there’s no doubt that the NHL needs Sidney Crosby more than Crosby needs the NHL,” Chris wrote.

There’s always the question about a player who comes back after an extended period of time due to an injury such as a concussion. “Will he/she ever be the same?” people wonder. I don’t think there’s any need to worry. “Sid the Kid” will not burn out anytime soon, don’t worry.

Sidney Crosby has won a Stanley Cup, the Art Ross Trophy, the Hart Trophy, and an Olympic Gold Medal, among many other awards and accomplishments. There’s no doubt that he’s a top-3 player in the NHL right now, and even only a few games after coming back, he’s a force to be reckoned with.

Sidney’s the face of the NHL, the poster boy of good young athletes. He’s young, really good, and is as well behaved as you’ll get in the NHL. In other words, he’s the opposite of Sean Avery. Back to Chris’ article.

“Sid the Kid is the poster boy for the NHL. He can be as exciting as a peanut butter sandwich sometimes but his ultimate good guy reputation more than makes up for that. My grandmother is as likely to have Sidney Crosby as her favourite (non-hometown) player as that greasy guy sitting at the corner of the bar. His stardom reaches all.”

I think of Sidney Crosby as the Aaron Rodgers of hockey, the young guy who took over for a legend, in some sense (Mario Lemieux was the guy in Pittsburgh before Crosby, despite a few years in between, and Brett Favre was right before Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay). They’re good guys who say the right things, do the right things, and overall is just a great player and an even better person.

Now what about video game covers? “Sid the Kid” has been one of, if not the most recognizable and well-liked players in the game. His accomplishments just back it up. Then why has it taken so long to get him on the cover of a video game?

Sure, Steven Stamkos is a great player, but it took him less time to get on the cover than Crosby. Has he won a Stanley Cup? No. Has he been as popular with fans as Crosby? He’s getting there, but no again.

How has Sidney Crosby never been a cover athlete? The question baffles me. Sorry, but Jason Spezza (NHL 2K8 cover athlete) doesn’t strike me as one of the best players in the game. OK, how about something more recent? Ryan Kesler (NHL 2K11 cover athlete) doesn’t strike me either. Same goes for Dion Phaneuf (NHL 09 cover athlete) and even NHL 10 cover athlete and Blackhawks captain Jonathan Toews isn’t as worthy as Crosby.

Crosby’s main competitor for the title of best player in the NHL, Alexander Ovechkin, has already been on NHL 07 as the cover athlete, and NHL 2K10. Don’t ask me why he’s on both games and Sidney hasn’t been on any of them, in any year.

Speaking of ‘NHL’ and ‘NHL 2K’, which game would I prefer Crosby to be on? It’s obvious right now. ‘NHL’ is doing a whole lot better than ‘NHL 2K’, which I think should maybe even give up on making competition, because they’re failing miserably. While ‘NHL’ is racking up awards every year with each new game, ‘NHL 2K’ has been demoted to only being on the Wii and iPhone. ‘NHL 2K’ is clearly in recovery, and there’s no reason that Crosby should be on a cover of a franchise that isn’t doing well in the hockey video games market at all right now. Then again, if ‘NHL 2K’ makes an offer and ‘NHL’ doesn’t, which I doubt will happen, I think Sidney will take it.

What I really wonder is how much “Sid the Kid” has been considered in previous games. I mean, he’s gotta be a cover athlete at one point, right? Right??

All I’m saying is, it’s certainly time that Sidney Crosby gets what he deserves: a video game cover athlete appearance. It’s a win-win situation. Having one of the best players in the game on a cover of your game is definitely going to boost your sales and reputation. There’s nothing holding you back.

Give Sidney Crosby something he can smile about besides hockey for the first time in 11 months.

Like the article? It’s my first real ‘opinion’ article on VGG, because usually my posts are centered around news in sports video games. Please, comment, tell me what you think and more. 

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